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Wedding Window Lettering | Vinyl Decal for Wedding Displays ONLY | DIY Wedding Display

Wedding Window Lettering | Vinyl Decal for Wedding Displays ONLY | DIY Wedding Display

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GETTING MARRIED? 👰‍♀️🤵‍♂️OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS?? This was made for you. Easily make your own wedding window or mirror 🪟🪞‼️

***NOW OFFERING THE LETTERING ONLY!! Many people love the idea of having a large window or mirror display, but it’s not always easy to ship the window, or you may already have a window. I am now offering the lettering ONLY for DIY wedding displays.

$70 total for all the lettering featured in the six pane window pictures. Price includes the vinyl decals for a 6 pane window with pane sizes up to 8"x10" or smaller. 

Vinyl decals will come in pieces. The individual names (for example: Bridesmaids name list) will all be attached for easy placement. The headers will come separated. If a drop shadow is included, the drop shadow and the main color of the headers will come as one piece for easy application. 

Vinyl decals can be customized to your wedding day! Help celebrate your big day with such a beautiful display of your wedding party. Many items can be added, like: hashtags, QR code for a website, QR code for a song, Spotify code for a song, table arrangements… etc. Please type in the description for each pane upon ordering. Pane order doesn't matter, as decals will come in pieces for you to apply. I will contact you with a draft before finalizing and cutting the decals out. 

👋🏽Please email me if you’d like to customize a bigger window, or a different display!!

Many different colors of vinyl to chose from! Although, I think white looks the best.

Application Process:

  1. Clean surface area and let dry. If surface area is not cleaned prior to applying, the decal or sticker may not adhere properly.
  2. Carefully peel away paper backing from transfer tape.
  3. Align carefully and press decal onto surface area. Once decal starts to stick, you won't be able to take it off without ruining the decal.
  4. Use a credit card to lightly rub decal onto surface area.
  5. Ensure decal is fully adhered. SLOWLY peel transfer sheet away from decal.
  6. Enjoy.

TAT: 2-3 weeks + shipping time.

Made in Minnesota. 

** STC is not responsible for transfer errors.

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